Pet Sitting or House Swapping to help you get through Seasonal Affective Disorder – SadDisorder

Pet Sitting or House Swapping to help you get through Seasonal Affective Disorder – SadDisorder

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Pet Sit to help with Seasonal Affective Disorder

My Second Pet Sitting Experience

Pet Sitting

One of the best things I did to help deal with Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD Disorder was to do Pet Sitting. After long discussions and some research, I would pay for the plane ticket to get to someones home and would care for their pet/pets and home while they went away. In my particular situation, I chose to do a few weeks to a month at a time so I would not be away from my husband for too long of a time.

Finding a City or State to do your Pet Sitting in is one of the First Decisions you need to make. Pick a city that is far enough South and Sunny enough.

When preparing to find a city or state to go to, make sure it is far enough and sunny enough to help you with your SAD Disorder as Seasonal Affective Disorder needs a great amount of sunshine and in the dead of winter, SAD Disorder will respond better the closer to the equator that you get. For instance, I felt better in Miami than in Orlando area in January and February. Because I have Severe Seasonal Affective Depression – Disorder, I NEED to be as far south as I can get and as sunny of an area as possible. When choosing the city that you want to visit while doing the house and or pet sitting, consider, Southern California, Southern Florida, Arizona, Southern Texas. Colorado is sunny but may not be far enough south for you but chances are it is sunnier than where you are now living. The higher altitude could do the trick for your Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD Disorder.

Where to find Services that Advertise House and or Pet Sitting?

I went through listed Pet/Home Sitters and Home Owners. This is a fantastic service that will put your information on their site and show brief information and location of people in need of a pet sitter. I posted a REALLY complete biography including several photos to help set the homeowner at ease. I also offered the serious homeowners my background information so they could check on my background. This was my own suggestion to them to put them at ease about who they were inviting to care for their “baby” and their home. I suggest you THOROUGHLY investigate the homeowner as well. Use caution here also.

The Homeowners felt very comfortable with having me care for their precious pets and their home after long conversations. I would sure have to think twice about a total stranger living in my home and pet sitting for my precious ones. This service only costs $50.00 for the entire year. I of course was only interested in pet sitting in the winter or early spring.

You can find Pet and House Sitting situations for a week to many months at a time. Different people expect different things. In Pet Sitting for instance, I paid my round trip flight and purchased my own food (they bought the initial food). I have seen other situations where the homeowner asked the sitter to pay for some expenses, such as utilities. In my pet sitting experience, the homeowner had the lawn care taken care of my a professional service but I have read others homeowners put in the profile that they needed someone to care for the lawn and or garden as well. This tends to be for the longer term situations. I believe you could negotiate with the homeowner if needed.

I was lucky as I stayed in gorgeous homes in lovely areas. One place was 2 miles from the ocean. The dog and I took long walks. I also trained the dogs while the home owner was away (I am not a professional dog trainer, I just love dogs and picked up tips on dog training). That was not expected by the homeowner, just an added plus for them. My second pet sitting opportunity, the 1 year old young and VERY rambunctious dog had just failed his “Pet Therapy Training”. Before the homeowner/parents left, I asked that they show me what the little guy needed to learn. I spent the entire month working with him on all of his training tasks and commands and added many tricks and commands of my own. The homeowners were absolutely thrilled when they came back home to see what he all learned. She wrote me to tell me that her rambunctious little guy “Passed his Therapy Test” and that I was a “Star”. I was so excited. She also told me that he was looking for me. I especially miss him and still communicate with them.

Planning a trip south will also give you something to look forward to and give you the hope you need to deal with the Seasonal Affective Depression part of this terrible illness. Do you know that it took me years before I would finally call SAD Disorder a illness. I just kept referring to it as a condition or disorder but I now think it is an illness that many people and even doctors don’t fully understand.

I was even asked to come back and the homeowners offered to pay for my trip. I was not able to go due to a family wedding.

I will cherish my memories of pet sitting forever.

As mentioned, please be very careful when selecting someone to pet or house sit for. Do your due diligence and investigate and ask for reference as they should do the same with you.

Here is the Link again for the awesome place that I found my homeowners. I can’t recommend this opportunity enough but do your homework. Check the safety of the area and if you can, do a criminal background check. Usually each state will have court record searches. Thoroughly check them out.

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Where to find Services that Advertise Pet and House Sitting?

I Googled and found and paid a $45.00 per year to join the website that listed Pet/Home Sitters and Home Owners. (Many various sites) I posted a REALLY complete biography including several photos to help set the homeowner at ease. I also offered the serious homeowners my background information so they could check any possible criminal history. I suggest you THOROUGHLY investigate the homeowner as well.

The first pet sitting opportunity told me they chose me because I was one of the few that wrote such a complete and nice biography on myself. Think of it as a job reference. The competition can be really tough so put your best foot forward and be prepared for the interview. Please LOVE animals if you do this otherwise consider house swapping or house sitting without pets.

Note from Little Linda Pinda,
One of my brothers thought it was ridiculous that I would do this for free because the homeowners were getting a service. Because of my SAD Disorder, I found it to be a true blessing to have a beautiful home and nice pets to care for and feel better. One of the homeowners even bought me a lounge chair to help me enjoy the California sunshine to help with my Seasonal Affective Disorder. That was really nice. She told me later that her dog kept smelling the lounge chair looking for me. We really bonded in that month.

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