Finding a Doctor for Seasonal Affective Disorder

Hope and Help for Seasonal Affective Disorder
Finding a Doctor for Seasonal Affective Disorder and Hope and Help for SAD Disorder – Part 2 of 2 Articles by Little Linda Pinda

When looking for a Doctor

Talk to friends and family. Since so many people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder to various degrees, they may have a doctor that they highly recommend.

Do research on the Internet. Read Forums from Different Cities. I really like and have learned a great deal of good information about an area on I met really nice people even met with one at here house. They also have a health forum but the information here is more general. Many people give names of doctors in their particular city, not necessarily to treat SAD Disorder but good information.

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General Internet Research. Rate my MD for Reviews and other doctor review sites is a good way to start and do a general Google search for Seasonal Affective Disorder Doctors in your city.

Most Importantly, speak to the doctor or nurse or read their website to see if they are sensitive to the needs of people suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder. I believe you will KNOW from the first visit on if they will Listen to you and Help you with your SAD Disorder.

I wish so badly I would’ve discovered this particular light therapy box years ago. I feel that it could have saved me a HUGE amount of money and anguish. I thank the Lord every day that my husband was willing to move to Florida but we wish we could have stayed in Wisconsin to be closer to most of our family. (I just returned from a trip to Wisconsin and wished I would have had a portable Light Therapy box with me but I don’t know if that is worth the cost unless you have to travel quite a bit).

I finally found a medical doctor who also was an Integrative Specialist thoroughly understood the impact of Seasonal Affective Disorder and the various treatment methods. She was kind and not the demeaning as one of my doctors and had a host of treatment for SAD Disorder. She diagnosed me severe Seasonal Affective Disorder. Because my SAD Disorder was so severe, she said I needed to move much further south in a sunnier location.

To this day I will always wonder if I would have just found this particular SAD Disorder Light Therapy Box, if I could have avoided all the high costs of moving and leaving most of our family. I have read that 80% of people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder do get help from light boxes. Those are fantastic percentages. This company also has a very generous 60 day Money Back Guarantee which is more than enough time to see if SAD Disorder light therapy will help you.

The other thing I found extremely helpful was vitamins and eating healthy as I have mentioned in other articles on this site. It is so important to avoid simple carbohydrates and to get the proper vitamins. Finally, doctors are acknowledging that certain vitamins are important for those suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Please see my other articles for the vitamins that helped me the most.

I cannot emphasize this enough to find a medical doctor who is familiar with and understand Seasonal Affective Disorder. And if you’re lucky like I was to find a doctor who also specializes in Integrative Medicine, that is all the better.

Bringing Family Members to the Doctor with You.
I believe it is also important to bring in close family members to talk to your doctor so they will have an understanding of SAD Disorder. It is so important for your family members to understand what seasonal affective disorder is the symptoms and how to help you cope with this illness. (It actually took me years to even call SAD Disorder an Illness).

There are so many things you can do to lessen the effects that seasonal affective disorder have on your life such as, light therapy (which is recommended by Mayo Clinic – see my article), many various vitamins, healthy eating, exercise and proper rest. I also wrote an article about planning a vacation or even pet sitting in the worst Seasonal Depression months. This will give you Hope and Help for SAD Disorder and something to look forward to.

Please Bookmark as one of your FAVORITES to keep coming back to this Site, http://SadDisorder.Org as I will continue to bring you Hope and Help for Seasonal Affective Disorder. Please also see other Articles on this site, such as Pet Sitting, Vitamins, Healthy Eating. I will be sharing some of my Favorite Recipes too.


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Products that may help you with Seasonal Affective Disorder – Take special note of the Vitamins

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