Finding a Doctor for Seasonal Affective Disorder and Hope and Help for SAD Disorder – Part 1 of 2 Articles by Little Linda Pinda

Finding a Doctor for Seasonal Affective Disorder and Hope and Help for SAD Disorder – Part 1 of 2 Articles by Little Linda Pinda

What is Seasonal Affective Disorder?
Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD Disorder, is a type seasonal depression that occurs approximately the same time each year. If you notice that you suffer from severe Winter Blues for two years or more, it is possible that you have Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Finding the Right Doctor to Treat SAD Disorder.

The first thing you want to do is to find a doctor who is familiar with Seasonal Affective Disorder. The reason why I suggest you find a Dr. who is familiar with SAD Disorder is because there are some doctors that do not understand Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Do Your SAD Disorder Symptoms get Worse for Longer Periods of Time as you get Older?
Ever since hearing about this Seasonal Depression in the 1980’s, I instinctively knew that I had SAD Disorder but I did not seek medical help until it started overtake my life. As the years went by, the time period that I suffered from the time Seasonal Affective Disorder expanded greatly from feeling a little more tired a little more crabby in January and February to where I became EXTREMELY Weak, SAD and felt like I just wanted to hibernate for months.

My symptoms began in October and would and until May of the next year. Wisconsin had three Junes in a row that almost every day was cloudy and or rainy and those years I didn’t get better until the end of June. To suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder for 7 to 8 months of my life was terrible.

With how sick I felt, I thought there was something else wrong besides SAD Disorder. I first sought out medical help from doctors who didn’t seem to understand Seasonal Affective Disorder. After being totally discouraged by these doctors I heard about someone practicing natural Therapy. She sold me literally thousands of dollars of services and products. This was so difficult financially but I was desperate for help. I believe she knew I had Seasonal Affective Disorder, but didn’t mention it, but did instruct me to get more sunlight which is REALLY difficult to do in January and February with Wisconsin’s winters.

After researching on the computer, I purchased a SAD Disorder Light Therapy Box for approximately $220. Unfortunately for me, not all SAD Disorder light boxes are created equal. I did get some help from my Seasonal Affective Disorder lightbox, but not enough.

I thank the Lord every day that my husband was willing to move to Florida but we wish we could have stayed in Wisconsin to be closer to most of our family. (I just returned from a trip to Wisconsin and wished I would have had a portable Light Therapy box with me but I don’t know if that is worth the cost unless you have to travel quite a bit).
Portable 10,000 Lux Light Box for Traveling – Philips goLITE BLU Light Therapy Device

For some helpful products that may Help SAD Disorder, see the Mini Amazon Store below. Take special note of the Spray Vitamins as I believe liquids metabolize in your system more thoroughly than pill forms. I have some lesser cost light boxes too but I really think it is worth the extra cost to purchase the Alaska product – see the Medical Light Therapy Ad.

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Visit my newest site: Lots of cheerful gifts for a happier more hopeful day. I used to love having tropical images to look at to give me hope of better days ahead in the sunshine. After suffering from Severe Seasonal Disorder for many, many years, I would like to share with you some of the tips that helped me through the toughest Fall, Winter and even Early Summer Months. Seasonal Affective Disorder - SAD Disorder is very misunderstood by so many people. Hope and Help is what we all NEED to cope with this awful disorder. I pray God will help you in these months and that these tips will help you to have a more Energetic and Happier Life.
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