Little Linda Pinda, LLC Disclaimer and About Me

Little Linda Pinda, LLC creates original and fun personalizable gifts for many occasions. I am an so many people from all over the world, favorite online Amazon Seller and Affiliate and an Independent Designer/Associate Affiliate at world renown Zazzle. By Clicking on my Amazon and Zazzle Product Links, I will then earn a Commission with Amazon and or Zazzle.

Your prices will be the same great prices as if you went right to Zazzle and Amazon. Thank you for clicking my links. I would be happy to be of service to you so Call me, Little Linda Pinda for Questions or if you would like me to HELP you on either Amazon or Zazzle or have product questions or ordering questions. If you would like me to make a Personalized Gift for you, CALL 239-949-9090.

I love helping people with issues I’ve dealt with but I am NOT a doctor or currently a medical professional. Many symptoms can lead you to believe you have certain conditions but only a doctor can diagnose you. Please consult with your doctor before trying any tips that helped me. We are all individuals and you may have a totally different health concern.

Thank you for visiting my Seasonal Affective Disorder site. I pray that you will find your way to complete health. Eating healthy is a way to start.

Little Linda Pinda, LLC

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